Concierge Care Club
Personalized Healthcare by Dr. Saponaro


The limited membership plan allows us to be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for your every need. Iíll even make a house call if necessary; whatever it takes to ensure your happiness and good health. The focus is on individualized care tailored to your precise requirements.

Our waiting room is waiting for you! You will not experience excessive waits. Phone calls and prescription renewals will be dealt with promptly. We will coordinate your care with your other physicians, home healthcare nurses, laboratories and imaging facilities. We will be available to answer any and all of your families concerns. Care and compassion along with attention to fine detail will be the rule.

This unparalleled access to healthcare service is a product of innovative new concepts in personalized "boutique style" healthcare made possible by:
  • Limiting the patient load to fraction of what it was.
  • Seeing fewer patients each day to emphasize quality, not quantity.
  • Spending more time with each patient, including preventive medicine teaching.
  • Be available for same day visits along with phone advice.
  • Live receptionist; not an electronic phone attendant voice mailbox machine.
If there's anything I can do to improve your concierge healthcare experience, don't hesitate to ask me. I promise to do my best to make you healthy and happy.

Our CCC (Concierge Care Club) was created by Dr. Saponaro and his JPMC (Jupiter Preventive Medicine Center) staff to pamper you and provide enhanced personalized healthcare to a special elite group of patients who demand more from their Doctor. As a CCC member, you will finally have a Doctor you will enjoy and receive a higher level of preventive and complementary world class care based upon early detection and wellness preservation/enhancing programs. Come feel at home in our office. Also, as a CCC member, you will enjoy expanded access to Dr. Saponaro and the entire JPMC team.

This means you will experience increased availability and responsiveness to your individual needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our waiting room is waiting for you!

Your Concierge experience begins with the phone call to the Doctor's office. You will get a friendly helpful receptionist who will have the time to help you navigate through your health-care needs, not a frustrating answering machine with a voice mail box that tells you press this or that. You will receive a same day appointment or a prompt call back from the Doctor with useful medical advice as if we were waiting for your call. Upon arrival, the CCC patient will not experience excessive waiting. On the contrary, in a boutique-styled medical practice it will be more common to hear, "The Patient is now ready to see you, Doctor." If you come fasting without breakfast, a snack is provided for you to eat while you leisurely discuss your concerns with the Doctor. The service we provide far exceeds that available in conventional medical offices.

Only the best for the best; it's your lifestyle!

During an office visit, you will have all the time you need to describe your every concern. In addition, Dr. Saponaro will have all the time you need to thoroughly understand how to improve your health. We have long seen that an educated patient is a healthier one. It is common for our patients to leave feeling like they experienced a medical school lesson and are now equipped with the power of knowledge to help them make more informed health care decisions in the future.

It is the goal of our CCC program to make the patient feel so at home at their Doctors visit that they actually look forward to coming for their visits. The concept behind this personalized boutique-style concierge medical practice came from patients who were demanding more of their Doctor visits and were willing to pay for the extra services that their insurance coverage just didn't cover. Compare this to the way a traditional HMO practice sees patients where typically more than thirty patients are seen daily, 2,500 patients in the practice, along with a financial incentive not to provide care. The CCC practice will see ten patients daily, limit the practice size to 500 total patients and be paid by your insurance company for each visit.

As a CCC member, you will have access to our Preventive Medicine Team with the following benefits:
  1. Annual Wellness Preservation Exam
  2. Comprehensive annual preventive medicine and lifestyle modification planning
  3. Same day appointments/immediate availability for your needs
  4. Doctor Visits as long as you need to ensure you receive the appropriate advice and counseling
  5. See the Doctor On Time without excessive waiting or rescheduling your appointments
  6. Physician availability 24 hours a day seven days a week
  7. Help coordinating referral physicians care and X-Ray/outside imaging studies
  8. Call in medications to your drug store
  9. Help filling out claim forms
  10. Plush reception area with telephone and guest amenities/speaking with friends and family
Dr. Saponaro is a member of SIMPD (Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design), which was formerly known as ASCP (American Society of Concierge Physicians). Their Mission Statement summarizes our goals: The Society for Innovative Medical Practice (SIMPD) is an organization of Healthcare Providers promoting a direct financial relationship with their patients in order to restore the integrity of the patient-physician relationship. Our members are innovators in medical practice design, including concierge, retainer, retail, and cash pay physicians, who, along with other individuals, are committed to patient-focused medical practice and to improving the patient-physician relationship. It is our mission to ensure that physicians and patients retain the right design and implement practices that enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, service, and value of healthcare. Dr. Saponaro and his Concierge Care Club maximizes patient satisfaction though utilizing these tenants. It is through seeing fewer patients, rewarding the doctor for better care and spending more time with each family that improved medical care is delivered with this enhanced patient-physician relationship.

In order to accomplish these goals of increased patient attention to every detail, we are limiting the number of patients in our practice to only 500 (the average Internist has about 2,500). Therefore, we will be more available for your every concern. If you have joined an exclusive golf or supper club, you know membership has its privileges. It has always been our goal to deliver a highly personal healthcare maintenance program to our patients. Medicare and traditional insurance companies don't reimburse for this. Our colleagues mainly see more patients each day, giving each patient less time and care, to make up for decreasing reimbursements.

Step up to the Concierge Level of Healthcare for as little as $2,000 per year per patient.* I promise that you'll be happy you did. The benefits make the entry fee a good value.


Board Certified Internist, JPMC
Member American College of Preventive Medicine
Principal Investigator, DSI
Diplomat American Board Internal Medicine
Fellow American College of Physicians
Certified Physician Investigator by the AAPP
Certified Clinical Research Investigator by the ACRP
Certified Clinical Research Coordinator by the ACRP
Certified Clinical Research Professional by SoCRA

* Prices vary with level of service